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Ametek Chem System

The first of three under sink models the compact Ametek Chemical Removal System
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The first of three under sink models the compact Ametek Chemical Removal System

Water abused and underrated commodity in our lives. Vital for sustaining healthy living, the human body requires over one gallon of fresh water per day. However the natural purification process (hydrological cycle) is unable to cleanse the ever increasing quantities of chemicals and pollutants that find their way into our rivers, lakes, reservoirs and ground water supplies. This is where the Water Boards take over.

Water Treatment

from our supplies the authorities treat through several stages, the most important being the addition of chlorine to kill all harmful viruses and bacteria that may be present, this also destroys the natural fresh taste of pure water. Many also believe chlorine to be a major cause of cancer.

So what about the other contaminants, such as herbicides, pesticides and heavy metals on which the U.K. has on numerous occasions exceeded EEC limits?

Can the Water Boards reduce these to safe limits at all times? to date it would appear not and although restrictive long term promises and plans have been made is it really economic to purify all our water when only 0.5% is used for human consumption with the other 99.5% being used for bathing, swimming pools, car wash, flushing toilets etc?

Purer Water?
for a purer drinking water what are your options?

1) Bottled water which is of a high quality but expensive.
2) Jug filters which are inconvenient, prone to airbourne bacteria attack and limited in performance.
3) an under sink filtration system from Ametek; one of the 500 largest corporations in the U.S.A. with over 30 years of experience in the filtration industry.

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