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Benefits of Softened Water
Will save time and money with softened water.
Shower Time With Soft Water

You'll enjoy your shower at its full power once again, with water at the proper pressure, through a free flowing shower head.

Softened water means bath time is something special. Many people find that certain skin conditions such as eczema are helped by softened water. Hair will be softer which means less conditioner is needed.

When You Use Softened Water

You will use less soap, shampoo, washing powder and cleaning materials to get perfect results - sometimes as much as 50% less and lather won't just suddenly disappear.

Your cutlery and glassware will dry wonderfully and if you have a dishwasher you will never have to put salt in it again. Softened water saves time too - bathroom and kitchen cleaning becomes little more than a quick rinse. Work out how much you are spending on time and cleaning materials - you'll soon see how significant the savings can be.

The Hard Facts Of Scale

If you live in a hard area, you'll soon know - just look in the kettle - furred up appliances are just one problem!. Scale forms faster when water is heated. Government statistics show that scale accumulates at approximately 1/16" every year and within 5 years you could be loosing 70% of your water heating efficiency.

Scale also collects in your water heating systems with symptoms such as sludge, noisy radiators and reduced flow and efficiency, it also blocks shower heads again reducing flow and efficiency. Eventually your whole hot water systems becomes so inefficient it will require replacing - and the same goes for appliances such as kettles, showers and washing machines. So hard water is actually costing you hard earned money.