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Frequently asked questions with answers.
Question - Can I drink Soft Water?

Answer - No soft water contains salt from the regeneration process and therefore you cannot drink the water. You can brush your teeth with it because you do not swallow the water. We will always leave a hard water drinking tap in your home as this a legal requirement. If we cannot leave a hard water drinking tap then you will require a reserve osmosis drinking water filter which will remove and salt and most other impurities out of the water.

Question - How will I save money with soft water?

Answer - When you have soft water running through your heating system then Scale and scum that builds up in pipes and in your boiler with be eroded over time. If it is brand new boiler then the deposits of lime scale will not appear within the boiler. This prolongs the life of your boiler significantly. Other appliances will have longer lives with soft water e.g. washing machines, dish washers and basically anything that can have lime scale build up in it.

Money can also be saved by using less detergents, washing powders, soaps, shampoos and salt for the dishwasher. You will find that the lather will last longer from less of these things, also the lime scale will not be deposited in showers, baths and sinks meaning that the need for cleaning products in some cases will not even be required.

Question - What other benefits are there with soft water?

Answer - The feel of soft water on your skin is more silky and leaves you feeling more refreshed and cleaner because you are not washing with lime scale and scum within the the water.

The breakdown of lime scale and scum from your heating system will make your heating system more efficient and remove the need to have the heating system flushed through.

Question - How quickly will I see the effects?

Answer - Soft water will start having noticeable effects after two weeks, you will start getting fully soft water coming out of taps. This will intern start breaking down lime scale deposits in pipes and within your boiler and over time will remove these deposits.

Question - I use magnets to remove lime scale, is soft water better than this?

Answer - The magnets help for a limited time and in a limited fashion if you add the magnets to your shower then you will see a reduction in build up around the shower head. However this is only stopping the lime scale from attaching itself to the pipes in that area and the lime scale is passed out through the shower head still. The magnets have no effect on the build up within boilers and the other pipes in house. This also means that it will not help protect washing machines, dishwashers and other appliances.

Question - What benefits can I get from a water filter?

Answer - The water filter system for sale on this site will clean out impurities from the water making the water from your drinking tap taste better. The system will remove as much as 90% of all impurities and will reduce the need for bottled water or other water filter systems.

Question - I have a fridge which is connected to the water system how will this work?

Answer - Some fridges have iced water and ice cube makers built in to them and will need a water filter of their own in most cases as they will be taken of a different spur of the pipe work. If when a water softener is installed the only water going to the fridge is soft water then a reverse osmosis water will be required to remove the salt content from the water.

Question - I still have a question and cannot find the answer here?

Answer - Click on Contact Us and ask you question there.