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Lakeside 100

Electric Time Clock Water Softener
H:485mm x W:210mm x D:440mm
1-5 Persons
Product Code : WB026
Product Brand : Lakeside
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Soft Water - The Solution
A Lakeside water softener for every home and family
Our range of water softeners meet the needs of every size and type of household. Where space is really tight the powerful Lakeside 100, 300 and 500 ranges will provide softened water for up to 20 people and only mesuring up 535mm high - they can be installed in virtually any location - kitchen cupboards, under the stairs, utility rooms, garage or even outside.

All our units are quiet and efficient in operation, removing the minerals that cause hard water - they are easy to install, set up and operate with minimum maintenance.

Simple Operation
All models are fully automatic, utilising a system known as 'ion exchange' they remove hardness by water passing through a special resin. Cleaning of the resin is initiated by either meter or time clock control. During this process known as ' regeneration', the resin is flushed with salt water which disperses the chalk the resin has collected and is automatically rinsed to drain. All you have to do is to top up the unit with salt from time to time. With out clear lid, it is easy to see when to add more salt.

Inlet 1.9cm (¾") bsp male parallel
Outlet 1.9cm (¾") bsp male parallel
Overflow 1.3cm (½") bsp parallel
Drain 1.3cm (½") bsp parallel
Power Supply 13 amp socket, 240v, 3 amp electrical supply

Operating Conditions
Maximum operating water pressure 8 bar
Minimum operating water pressure 1 bar (with water flowing
Maximum operating water temperature 20⁰C
Minimum operating water temperature protect from freezing

Overall Dimensions
Height 485mm
Depth 440mm
Width 250mm

 Lakeside 100 Brochure In .Pdf Format (1.13 MB) Download Now!

The lakeside 100 & 500 electric models and 500 is high capacity Water softener see brochure for full details or all these softeners.

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