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Lakeside 300

Twin cylinder Non Electric Block Salt Softener 1-10 Persons - H:485mm x W:210mm x D:440mm FREE Delivery on This Item
Product Code : WB025
Product Brand : Lakeside
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Soft Water - The Solution
A Lakeside water softener for every home and family
Our range of water softeners meet the needs of every size and type of household. Where space is really tight the powerful Lakeside 100, 300 and 500 ranges will provide softened water for up to 20 people and only measuring up 535mm high - they can be installed in virtually any location - kitchen cupboards, under the stairs, utility rooms, garage or even outside.

All our units are quiet and efficient in operation, removing the minerals that cause hard water - they are easy to install, set up and operate with minimum maintenance.

Simple Operation
All models are fully automatic, utilising a system known as 'ion exchange' they remove hardness by water passing through a special resin. Cleaning of the resin is initiated by either meter or time clock control. During this process known as ' regeneration', the resin is flushed with salt water which disperses the chalk the resin has collected and is automatically rinsed to drain. All you have to do is to top up the unit with salt from time to time. With out clear lid, it is easy to see when to add more salt.

Operating Conditions
Maximum operating water pressure 8 bar
Minimum operating water pressure 1 bar (with water flowing
Maximum operating water temperature 20⁰C
Minimum operating water temperature protect from freezing

Overall Dimensions
Height 535mm
Depth 413mm
Width 248mm

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A Lakeside 300 Water softener is a non electric system that uses water pressure to run it instead of electric power so there is no need to have an electrical supply near the water softener. The mains water is passed through the control valve and down into the vessel. As the water passes across the resin bed, the calcium and magnesium attach to the resin so that the water leaving the softener is soft.

Periodically depending on how much water has been used, the resin needs to be refreshed. This is done by flushing a small amount of salt water through the resin vessel. This normally occurs at as and when the softener requires regeneration as this will only regenerate as and when it needs it.

Product Description
Lakeside 300 Twin cylinder Non Electric Block Salt Softener 1-10 Persons - H:485mm x W:210mm x D:440mmFREE Delivery on This Item - The L300 Non Electrical Twin Cylinder Water Softener 1-10 Persons Small, neat but with a big appetite. Dimensions H:485mm x W:210mm x D:440mm – The L300 comes with 1 Block Salt Starter Pack, 15mm Fitting Kit & FREE Delivery on This Item. How It Works. Made In England - “Lakeside 300” works by using Ion Exchange Resin to soften the water supply that comes into your home (Removing the hard water). All of the water that goes through the water softeners Ion Exchange resin becomes softened as the resin removes the calcium and magnesium in the water supply. It does this on a very clever twin vessel system combined with a main control valve. Whilst one vessel with resin is supplying your home with soft water, the other twin vessel is on standby waiting to take over.  When the 1st vessel is exhausted and cannot soften anymore water, the control valve switches over to the 2nd vessel allowing that to take over the function of the water softener. The 2nd vessel becomes the water softener and removes the hardness in the water in the same way as the 1st vessel did. This allows you to continue to receive soft water. What about Vessel 1. Well a small amount of brine solution made in the water softener salt compartment at the front of the L300 in the pulled through the resin to carry out the Ion Exchange process (removing the calcium and magnesium and replacing it with salt (sodium) – by doing this it in theory and practice cleans the resin of the harsh hard elements that have been collected them and allows the resin to work again, So when Vessel No 2 becomes exhausted, the same process begins again but No 1 takes over again and so on.. This cycle is called regeneration. Regeneration takes place as an when required allowing you 24-7 continous soft water. It is very efficient using less water than other water softeners. Installation - The L300 is very easy to install if you are competent at DIY. The system comes with instructions and a fitting kit 15mm as standard. (22mm and 28mm kits are available for Combination Boiler Applications or Pressurized Systems – Available on request). The L300 covers many applications including combination boilers and pressurised systems, it also works well with applications where you have cold water storage and direct feed. Please see Specification Sheet for further details. Please Note Manufacturers Specification may alter from time to time without notification. Should you require telephone assistance, we have a team of installers nationally who can assist, alternatively why not leave the installation to us, we have a team of installers who would be more than happy to install the L300 for you. Why not call us and have a survey carried out – surveys are free of charge. We will then quote you for the installation. Your softener experience should then be trouble free and give you years of soft water experience. Call Us On 01733 245032 Our Guarantee You will receive 5 Year Parts and Labour warranty. This applies Lakeside 300 purchases made after 01.06.2016


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