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Lakeside Cambridge 4

Time Clock Water Softener Fully Automatic 1-15 Persons - H:695mm x W:340mm x D:590mm FREE Delivery on This Item
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Time Clock Water Softener
Fully Automatic 1-15 Persons - H:695mm x W:340mm x D:590mm 
FREE Delivery on This Item

This water softener is suitable for a domestic /commercial application Its fully automatic and compact, Easy to use and highly reliable..

Cambridge 4 Time Clock Water SoftenerFully Automatic 1-15 Persons - H:695mm x W:340mm x D:590mm FREE Delivery on This Item - Deluxe Cabinet. 

How it works – basically, the Cambridge timeclock range consists of a pressure vessel filled with Ion exchange resin. It’s a single vessel product. Located at the top of the pressure vessel is the control valve and all of this is mounted into a cabinet. The water that is to be softened is passed through the control valve and into the vessel. As the water is passed across the resin, the calcium and magnesium attaches itself to the resin, ensuring that all of the water leaving the softener is soft. After a certain amount of water has been softened, the resin becomes exhausted and needs to be replenished, this is done by adding a small amount of salt solution which is flushed through the resin bed, it removes the calcium and magnesium from the resin and flushes it away to drain, a small amount of fresh water is then flushed through the system to remove any excess salt. This replenishment is known as the regeneration and at the end of this process the resin is ready to soften again.

The Cambridge Timeclock range work on predicated usage and will regenerate on preset days. Working in this way, the applications that suite are steady water usage for regular use. Every softener has some pressure loss through it, the reason being is that the resin needs time to exchange the scale and scum (calcium and magnesium) for sodium ions (salt solution) – hence ion exchange takes place. It is expected that pressure loss through most water softeners will be upto 15 psi – 1 bar, Check the specification sheet for further details.

The Cambridge Range are very easy to install if you are competent at DIY. The system comes with instructions and a fitting kit 15mm as standard. (22mm and 28mm kits are available for Combination Boiler Applications or Pressurized Systems – Available on request). The Cambridge range are designed with many applications in mind including combination boilers and pressurised systems, it also works well with applications where you have cold water storage and direct feed. It is recommended that if you have a combination boiler – A 14 litre + are required, If you have a pressurized system it is recommended that a 18 litre + is required.

Please Note Manufacturers Specification may alter from time to time without notification. Should you require telephone assistance, we have a team of installers nationally who can assist, alternatively why not leave the installation to us, we have a team of installers who would be more than happy to install your Cambridge softener for you.

Why not call us and have a survey carried out – surveys are free of charge. We will then quote you for the installation. Your softener experience should then be trouble free and give you years of soft water experience. Call Us On 01733 245032

Our Guarantee You will receive 5 Year Parts and 2 Year Labour warranty.
This applies on Cambridge range purchases made after 01.06.2016

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