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to ensure that damage does not occur through constant use and to keep your softener running at peak efficiency.We recommend you have your softener serviced every two years as a minimum

Lakeside provides service contracts that can be purchased when you buy your softener and will cover you for six years, after that time you have the option to renew your contract with us.

With our service contracts we will contact you and make arrangements to come and service you softener for you. So you won't even have to remember when you last had a service.

You still get a great deal from Lakeside Water & Building Services because:

You don't even have to have bought from us to get an engineer to come and service your softener. Email us for details of service contracts or to arrange a service. Prices vary depending on your location.

Servicing your water softener is required to keep the softener working to peak efficiency some people have there softener serviced when they notice a drop in quality of the soft water produced, some have it serviced once a year or once every two years.

y on your product by having us install it. Increase the warranty

Our professional engineer will come and install, commission and demonstrate your water softener to you. If you are using your own installer then ensure they are familiar with the commissioning procedure as this is where most have trouble.

Subject to a satisfactory site survey.

If you would like a quote for installation then please call on 01487 815914 and we will will be happy to quote you