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Sure Stop Water Switch

Sure Stop Water Switch
Sure Stop Water Switch Sure Stop Water Switch Sure Stop Water Switch
Sure Stop Water Switch
Turns main water off at the flick of a switch
Product Code : WB009
Product Brand : Sure Stop
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Turns main water off at the flick of a switch!.
21st Century innovation replace 19th century design

If you've ever had to find a traditional brass stop valve in a property let alone turn it off to isolate the water supply then you will know the problem. This design is well past its sell by date and the more recent design of stop valves have their problems, especially if you're elderly, infirm or disabled.

Unless they're used frequently (which they're are not), brass stop valves can easily get scaled up, seize and fail espcially in hard water  areas. Householders only wake up to the fact when there's a leak that can't be quickly stopped and an insurance claim that rapidly mounts up.

Now that's a thing of the past. Because SureStop remote and direct water switches make truning water supplies on and off as simple as flicking a switch. It's the water equivilant of the miniture circuit breaker bord versus the old fusebox, but surestop works without electric, is simple to install, and lets you provide zoned switching of your water supply throughout the poroperty.

Above all, it's about peace of mind - to be able to switch the water off easily in any situation, at the flick of a switch!
Technical specification
  1. For use on water supplies with pressures between 0.5 bar to 10 bar.
  2. Cold water supply max temp 30⁰C at 10 bar Hot water supply max temp 80⁰C at 3 bar.
  3. Available for connection to 22mm and 15mm pipe work via speedfit™ connections.
  4. Approved by WRAS for connection to protable water supplies.
  5. 2 year warranty.
  6. Patents pending: Europe EP 1 195 547 A2 USA 10/047,788.

Offers a valve body and rocker switch that can be set up to 4 metres away from the valave connected by PVC sheathed twin 4mm tubing. Mounting can be extended up to 8 metres by using extension kit SSRX4.

Time marches on, but not apparently in plumbing - until now. SureStop water switches are stop valves that replace old-fashioned technology with servo power that simply uses the pressure of the water supply to turn the water on and off at the flick of a switch.

SureStop is the new way to guard against the problems of leaks and the old brass stop valves can often cause them. Used on a regular basis, SureStop switches not only provide peace of mind, but can also prevent catastrophic damage.

Whicherver SureStop switch you choose, there are unique benefits:-
  • Switches can be positioned for easy access, easy use.
  • No crawling, no seizing stop valves, no limescale buildup.
  • Perfect for everyone, especially the elderly, infirm, disabled.
  • Easy fit speedfit™ push fit plumbing connections.
  • No electrics, no batteries, uses only water pressure for operation.
  • No Maintenace - fit and forget.
  • Water flow stops within seconds at the flick of a switch.
  • Use surestop at anytime for your peace of mind - before you go away, or even overnight.
  • You know where to switch the water off, and it's always easy wether for routine or in an emergency.
  • Zoned switching means every section of a property can be individually protected by SureStop - from kitchen to laundry, bathroom to header tanks to outside supply.

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