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Waterlight Reverse Osmosis

The purest water out of a tap
Product Code : WB089
Product Brand : Waterlight
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The purest water out of a tap

 Panther RO Waterlight Brochure In .Pdf Format (676kb) Download Now!

How does an RO-Appliance work?
R.O. stands for `Reverse Osmosis`. Reverse Osmosis is the most user-friendly and at same time one of the economical most advantageous methods to remove all impurities out of water.
The operation is simple but really effective: pressure pushes the water through a semi permeable membrane. This specially designed membrane only lets the water molecules pass the stops more than 90% of all impurities, present in the water. These are then flushed out into the drain.

Nitrates, nitrites, insecticides, (heavy) metals, bacteria, phosphates, sulphates, chlorides, almost everything is removed from the water, and this is without the addition of any chemical products.

Panther RO Waterlight Standard

Water pressure minimum 0f 2,1 bar
storage tank 11 litres
Compact appliance delivered complete
Exchangeable membranes and filter cartridges

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